Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is the removal of mold from a property so it is safe and healthy to occupy. In order for mold to grow, it needs a source of moisture, food (wood, paper, dirt, etc) and a place to grow. Outside of the obvious culprits, floods and pipe burst, there are many household items that can cause mold; malfunctioning dishwashers, air conditions, washing machines, etc. The EPA recommends any mold growing in your home above 10 square feet should be treated by a professional company. We believe when dealing with any potential toxic or hazard, you want to hire a professional to ensure the safety of everyone. Our teams of professionals are trained in the most current mold abatement and remediation solutions, ensuring the removal of mold from your property in the safest way.

Mold Removal Services

  • Comprehensive Mold Testing & Inspections
  • Variety of Test Sampling methods used: Airborne, Swab, Tape
  • Determine & Eliminate cause of Mold
  • Clean and test: crawl-spaces, air ducts, interior walls, attics, etc.
  • Water Moisture Removal & Dehumidifying
  • Decontamination & Detoxification