Wind Damage Restoration

Falling trees and high winds can cause extensive structural damages to your home or business. This kind of physical destruction can seem overwhelming, but our local teams work with these issues regularly and can help you do more than just pick up the pieces.

Our structural experts at RWM Construction and Restoration will assess the damage and then repair your property so that it’s sounder than before the storm. Wind damage is often accompanied by water damage from rain or broken pipes, causing its own set of major problems. We have the right equipment and the know-how to put things back together quickly, no matter what has happened. If necessary, we’ll even take care of packing up and storing your belongings while we get to work fixing your disaster-related problems.

Call us today if you have experienced wind or storm damage to your home or business and are wondering what to do next. RWM CONSTRUCTION& RESTORATION, 1-828-297-3232 or contact us at